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"He’s a dreamboat with nothing in the cargo hold."

How to spell canada

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"I wouldn’t go out on this snow for all the Coffee Crisp in Canada."

Every once in a while my usual logic and maturity escapes me and I fall victim brief episodes of rebellion and impulsivity that I most always emerge from with a new hole punched in my ear.

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Eu não vou mudar não
 Eu vou ficar são
 Mesmo se for só
 Não vou ceder
 Deus vai dar aval sim
 O mal vai ter fim
 E no final assim calado
 Eu sei que vou ser coroado
 Rei de mim.

Make a wish

Make a wish

It’s been so long yet I still can’t handle people touching my arms.

Dear whoever told me I can watch any NHL game online,

Thanks for ruining my social life.

Using my Barnes & Noble gift card to buy school book, just rip my heart out and throw it on the ground.

The howling in the Blackhawks vs. Coyotes game is killing me!

The only way I could enjoy it is if a real pack of coyotes ran in from the desert and started howling at center ice.